Worm Farm Inspection Red Wiggler

Inspecting the Red Wiggler Earth Worm Farm all worms seem to be happy and eating well ,there is also a higher temperature nearest to the worms ! They Are Quite Nifty if i do say so ! :)

Worm Farm Feeding ~ Red Wiggler’s

Here is the first feeding of the new worm farm, since the First Worm Farm DIY – Red Wriggler’s Video.
Having this type of farm is great fun for both young and old and very beneficial cause you can harvest the “Worm Tea” and have a place to put your kitchen green scraps like potato peels ,egg shells ,even old bread ,old egg cartons , left over rice ,tea bags ,coffee grounds,junk mail ,card board etc !
After a while you rotate the worms and use the “VermiCompost” and “Casings” in your home pot plants and watch them flourish !

Worm Farm DIY Red Wiggler’s

How to start your own Earth Worm Farm Cheap and Easy .
The benefits being that you can harvest “Worm Tea” as well as have a place to put most of your kitchen greenery scraps like potato peels ,banana peels ,tea bags etc !
Great fun for young and old !
To see these worms being Fed see
Worm Farm Feeding ~ Red Wiggler’s or follow the link :